Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saga Continues

Friends of Tod,

Last week's respite (placement in single cell) was short-lived. Tod has asked for our help again. I called Supt. Bernard Brady's office this morning (Dep. Sup. Mark Powers whom I usually speak with is on vacation--which may partially explain what happened over the weekend). The admin. Asst. took the message and urged me to put my concerns in writing and fax them to Mark Power's office at 508-279-6838. The general OCCC number is 508-279-6000.

Short version. Around 9 pm Sat. 8/5, c/o tried to move someone in with TW. The guy refused on the grounds of TW being gay. A few minutes later staff took Tod to place in with someone on A2. All kinds of strip searches ensued. TW objected to going to A2 ("no man's land") in the middle of a weekend. When no one listened he banged his head hard against the wall, creating a "bloodbath." There was so much trauma that he vomited continuously for some time. He eventually went back to A4, but to #14 instead of #23 where he'd been. (I don't think he has a cellmate there, though I'd have to re-read his tome to check for sure).

What Tod wants: first to be safe. He's not adamant about a single cell; it depends on who the other person is. He wants to transfer to A3 where he knows people and thinks he would be relatively safe. That might require a reclassification to Level 4. He has a hearing coming up so that may be a possibility. He also talks of protective custody and being moved out of state, but those, in my opinion, are not good options.

I'm well aware that Tod can be overwhelmingly demanding, but if you think you can help (phone call, letter to OCCC or to any of your contacts), please do.

Nancy Ahmadifar